Support The Missions

Support The missions

The true character of ministry is a servants heart

~ Harold Warner

Sewing Project

Reports continue to come of the blessing to those trained through the sewing project. It costs $150 per month to sustain this effort. Faithful sustained giving is vital for this to continue.

Otten School - India

This is a kindergarten-grade 12 school where all classes are taught in English. Each school day for the 1000 students begins with Christian devotions and Friday afternoon there is an elective Bible study which is attended by 100 students. The students are Muslim, Hindu and Christian.

The ‘Markaz-ul-Bisharah’ started in Meenangadi, Kerala, as ‘Markaz-ul-Bisharath-lil-Muslimeen’ (Centre for the Good News for Muslims) in 1978 and gradually moved to Manjeri, Kerala. God gave us the Manjeri compound including 88 cents of land purchased from voluntary contributions.

Bishara Mission - India

Witnesses still go out, literature is given out, and many are drawn to Christ. The Bishara Center is a gift to this witness that needs ongoing support.

Shaliach School - India

NHMS stepped out in faith saying we would do all we could to make available $50,000 for the Bible College for the school year. It would cover 35 to 40 students for the year. Each month, while the school is in session. we then send $5,000 to meet all the costs of this residential training endeavor.

Brother Titus - Nigeria

His ministry is in the northeastern area of Nigeria – right in the middle of the terrorist attacks. He is fearless in his mission to spread the Gospel.

Frank Hutton - Mpls, MN

Frank befriends foreign students, invites them into his home, goes on weekend retreats with them, and always speaking of Christ. His love and friendship has opened many hearts to Christ.

New Hope Mission Society’s six ministries exist with the purpose of sharing God’s Word and strengthening the witness of Jesus Christ to Muslim communities.  We journey and partner with different peoples in several nations. We walk with those who have come to know Christ and give witness to His love in their homeland.

We look forward with great anticipation to what our Lord has for us in His plans in the years before us. We welcome you to join us in prayer and financial support of any or all the missions.

A Call to Prayer, a Call to Faithfulness

  Reflections from Pastor Paul, NHMS Board Member

We on the board of New Hope Mission Society know well that prayer needs to mark our every move as we    go forward with our partners in India, as well as in Nigeria and here at home.  We leaders are aware that

the challenges we have accepted are beyond our human strength to accomplish.  Coming together in prayer empowered by the Holy Spirit will bring about what in our human weakness will not happen.

Pray with us then for the following:

  • A blessed third year for the Shalliach Bible College with its 35 students, faculty, and support personnel;
  • For Pastor K.K. Alavi and his son, Dr. Abdul Messih giving leadership and administration to all the ministries out of the Bishara Center;
  • For Brother Titus who continues to be a powerful servant leader in ever new challenges in Nigeria;
  • For the work of Frank Hutton and the many American university students bearing witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ to international students, many of them Muslim;
  • For the financial resources essential to meet the above needs in timely ways.

Faithfulness marked by ongoing generosity from everyone, long time supporters and new contributors, will make possible for our partners in witness to Muslims to be on the front lines of this call from our Lord.

In this newsletter we lift up in pictures and in print why this call to prayer and faithfulness continues to be so important. Pray with us for each need.  We thank God for you and for answering the call to faithfulness in giving.