Shaliach Bible School


”I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”



Shaliach Bible College

Educates, equips messengers, pastors, lay people as ambassadors for Christ. Called and sent out by the Holy Spirit to witness to salvation through Jesus Christ to serve the needy in God’s own world.

During the two-year course, students are taught how to share their faith. They are prepared to be Christian teachers, leaders, and witnesses when they complete their studies and return to their home communities.

Affiliation and accreditation
Shaliach’s Bible College is unique Bible Institute in Malabar accredited by: Association of Theological Colleges and Central association of colleges and Bible schools in India and abroad, holding advanced degrees from universities and seminaries around the world.

Admission for this course
A candidate, who has passed pre university/10 plus/SSLC examination and is qualified to be admitted to a degree course of an Indian college/University, shall be admitted to the first year of this programme.
A mature person, who is at least 25 years of age and passed the mature candidate entrance examination of this institute, he/she should have SSLC and is prevented by some special reason.

Points of Entry
A candidate at the time of admission should have completed 18 years of age having passed the entrance test conducted by the institute.

Medium of Instruction
The medium of studies and examinations for the degree course is in English.

SBC is blessed with national, international interdenominational faculty including Arabic speaking Arab nationals holding advanced degrees from universities and seminaries around the world.

The majority of students is fulltime and come from different parts of India. Approximately, one third of the students may be ladies.

Course Fee
Scholarships are provided to deserving students.

SBC Programmes
The SBC at present offers only bachelor degree programmes that are accredited by the association of theological colleges and central association of colleges and Bible schools/Seminaries in India including (ATA yet to apply) these programmes are specially designed to be culturally relevant and theologically suited to the context of Muslim world.

Community Life Initiatives

Mentoring relationships bring a deeper level of connection to our college community and are a vital part of developing spiritual maturity and personal wholeness. Mentoring relationships lend perspective, create accountability, generate new ideas, and provide a listening ear. Mentoring takes place in the form of one-on-one relationships and/or in small groups.

Student Lounge:
The student lounge consists of a Dining hall, Resource Centre, and common area for entertainment purposes and socializing. Management of the student lounge is the responsibility of the deans with the assistance of the Student Leadership Team and the Director of Facilities.

Daily Events:

Chapel: Student’s attendance is expected at chapel services which occur on all days of every week. These times are for information, corporate prayer, praise and worship, sharing, missions’ awareness, and preaching of the Word.
Prayer Meetings: Students are expected to participate in class, student body, and community prayer meetings which take place bi-weekly during the Tuesday chapel time slot.
Prayer Force: Every student will be involved in a student led prayer group which meets bi-weekly in the Tuesday chapel time slot. The prayer emphasis is on world missions and evangelism.

Care of Campus Facilities

College campus has been built and maintained through the sacrificial gifts of God’s people. The way our property is cared for affects the Christian testimony of our college and its students.


The Missions we support are in areas that could result in deadly consequences for their "Christian" affiliation. We have chosen to protect identities and we sincerely hope you understand.