Frank Hutten

Frank Hutton

“A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.”

~ Luke 6:40

In a time when academia and many church leaders call for us to simply honor the various religious paths taken by people around the world, we witness another way. Frank Hutten, who works out of the International Students, Inc., leads a large number of students on the University of Minnesota and St. Thomas University campuses in befriending and bearing witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ to students, many from the conflicted Middle East Region.

We receive regular reports on marvelous expressions of friendship and lifting up of the name of Jesus to Muslim students. Frank has a committed cadre of students partnering with him in amazing ways. The challenges are great. Discouragement comes at times, but the Spirit empowers them to carry on.

Our support gift bears so much fruit. We ask you to pray for faithfulness to the Gospel for Frank, the American students, and the international students.


The Missions we support are in areas that could result in deadly consequences for their "Christian" affiliation. We have chosen to protect identities and we sincerely hope you understand.

~ New Hope Mission Society